Hi Dave, you make some good points.

Regarding number one - I left out the word independent, since added, which changes the concept of the statement. It isn't about giving money to candidates, it is about using public money and public officials to conduct private party elections. Here in California we have all candidates regardless of party on one ballot instead of a Dem ballot, a Rep ballot, etc., that is except for president. If we had made it illegal to use public money and officials to conduct private party elections, then Bernie, Hillary, Jill Stein, Ron Johnson, Trump, Jeb Bush, and the rest of the Republican clown car would have all been on the same ballot. You see the US Constitution does not give Congress any power over the selection of state electors until after they become electors. It is all up to the states to work out how they get their electors. An open primary where anyone who can qualify for the ballot is on the ballot would definitely shake up the two party power structure run from the top down by the oligarchs. it might even increase turnout. As you said, the primaries are important, and as they are now constituted, they usually give us the choice between two evils in the general election.

Regarding you point on number 6. I am sure there is something I am forgetting, “Keeping the US Constitution is like saying the only smart people the USA were alive in 1800.”

Sure seems that way, judging by the massive amount of ignorance in out society.

Robert Allen Fisher — 74 as of May 2020, literary editor & administrator for New People Publishing, and a micro business consultant. Find me on LinkedIn.

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