" Noah Webster — as in Merriam-Webster Dictionary"

Noah Webster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language was not and is not Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The Merriam Brothers added Webster to the name in tribute and to indicate an extension of the tradition set by Noah's work.

If you want to better comprehend our Founding documents, it is best to study the words used in them in Noah's 1828 dictionary. You will find many are quite different from what most folks today understand them to be.

The Freedumb and MAGA folks through around the word Liberty without understanding its use in the 18th Century. There is an excellent and extensive section n Liberty in Noah's 1828 dictionary that you won't find almost anywhere else.



It all sounds well and good except for the freedom to travel. Texas and Southland in your proposed map will become right-wing dangerous fake christian authoritarian theocracies and would be now if the US Constitution wasn't holding them back. How safe would a secular resident of another US country feel having to travel through these areas, especially if they were people of color?

And how safe would the neighboring countries feel with these theocratic crazies right next door? And you think this Tinyism will reduce conflict?

Here is my article: Deep Down What the Republican Party is Really All About. Read that and tell me breaking up the US is still a good idea.




Robert Allen Fisher

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